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At Freaky Tiki Hammocks we love hammocks. I started weaving hammocks while at UNCW in 1973. After learning my craft I decided to move to Florida to open my first hammock shop, Saltwater Hammock Co.

Soon I had that itch to move again and off to Hawaii I went for a couple of years. Surfing, selling hammocks and teaching surf lessons. While in Hawaii I learned another craft.. building surfboards.Several years later I knew it was time to head back to the Carolinas to continue to make hammocks. But now I was also in the surfboard business. I now found myself back in North Carolina, opening a Surf Shop and my hammock shop. While my weaving days are over (I'd rather be surfing and now have added 35 foot Cal sailboat), I still try to find the best made hammocks. All at an affordable price

We sell high quality hammock products at a discounted price.  The  Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks, Siberian Larch Wood Arc Hammock Stands, Caribbean Large Hammock Swing Chairs, Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chairs, Caribbean Mayan Hammocks, Caribbean Rope Hammocks, and the Hammock Suspension Kits are stored in the Florida Keys warehouse.  We specialize in these hammocks because they are hand-made with soft-spun polyester which provides superior comfort and are durable outdoor products.  The hammock stands are also manufactured to withstand the elements.  Thank you for your interest in our products