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How to Hang a Hammock

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Hammock Days

Hang a Hammock with Post

So you are thinking of all those lazy days of lying around in a hammock. But first you got to have a place to hang it. The obvious way would be to use a hammock stand. Its versatile, you can move it anywhere you want, but sometimes that just a pain to drag around . So let’s look at other options.

You may not always have the luxury of Hang A Hammock with 2 perfect trees so use 4×4 or better 6″x6″ pressure treated posts, or 1 post and one tree. You also can hang your hammock from decks, carports, and porches or on a Hammock Stand.

The best thing about using post is you can set the anywhere. Later you can decorate them. If you are using 8′ post I like to dig my hole 3 feet deep and fill the post holes with concrete to keep them from moving around in the dirt. Us a distance of about the length of your hammock. If you have help, pick up the hammock and get your ideal height off the ground. Its works best if you can hang around 5′ and use your s hooks and chain. Using Hanging Hardware of eye bolts and chain allows for a little leeway in hanging.

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