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At Freaky Tiki Hammocks we love selling hammocks. I started weaving hammocks at Outer Banks Hammocks in Wrightsville Beach in 1973 while attending UNC-Wilmington. After several years of hammock making, finishing college I took off for Florida to open my own Hammock shop..Salt Water Hammock Co. I had been to Florida on some winter surfing trips and knew thats where I wanted to be. Living in a tent the first few months and making hammocks in my small retail store it continued to grow. But then..

I got the itch for better surf and off to Hawaii i went. Sold the Hammock shop to a friend and off to my next adventure. For the next few years I was selling hammocks, surfing and giving surfing lessons.

While in Hawaii I learned another craft..building surfboards. After awhile in Hawaii I knew I had to go back to North Carolina, now besides building hammocks i was going in the surfboard business. Even though my hammock weaving and surfboard shaping days are over( I spend my time now just surfing selling hammocks and hanging out on my 1973 Cal sailboat), I still enjoy finding and bringing you the best and fairest priced hammocks I can find.

Columbus discovered the hammock in the Bahamas, where he stated on the 17th October 1492 that “people were sleeping in nets between the trees”. He brought the hammock back to Europe where mainly sailors started using it extensively. Later, they were used aboard ships by sailors to enable comfort and maximize available space