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Not Working? Just a different place

Not Working?  Just a different place

Making surfing t shirts is not why I haven’t been on the blog lately and you probably can guess ., no not designing nautical t-shirts sailing t shirts or surfing t shirts and i long ago quit weaving hammocks. . Well I guess I know I need to get my head of this hammock pillow and get back to print surfing t shirts because I got to work but I bought Cal 35 sailboat. I had to have a bigger boat. Well actually I bought 2 boats since on here last.   I first picked up a 27 O’day sailboat and loved it but you know..I needed to go bigger. And I bought a 33 foot RANGER sailboat. I soon  realized a short while that that beautiful sleek racing sailboat was just a little too narrow for me to live and travel with no shower. It had an ATOMIC 4 blown engine, and I got her cheap.

My new 1973 Cal 35

Here is where the excitement begins. I had an Atomic 4 engine mechanic come buy to look at it.  No problem since he had another engine to drop in. As we were talking about my boat being  too narrow he kept commenting about how much he wished he could find a sleek 33′ like this because his present sailboat was just to wide and bulky.A 1973 CAL 35 Cruiser, maybe I can immortalize  it in a few surfing  t shirts. It didn’t take long for me to  let him know a wished for a wider sailboat.Wham! He said lets trade even..and he had  just put a rebuilt PERKINS 51 HP engine in. He had a new Hot water heater, Charles battery charger, new Lectra San,

Well that was what i did with my summer building FREAKY TIKI II. She has been rewired, new engine, sliding windows,  recovered and a little paint. Its fall , she is ready to sail and I am just itching to head up to Morehead City, Beaufort Oriental, the Outer Banks and New Bern.